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PassePasse Cloudbuster III Triple bearing Diabolo kit 115mm - with wooden controls fitted with Slide pro string

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  • The latest all round multi purpose diabolo. Delivered with hard wood controls and 1 meter of Slide pro string made in Germany
  • This is the 3rd generation of the best selling cloudbuster diabolo. With a triple bearing axle and transluscent colour cups with a diameter of 115mm. Ideal for ages from 5 to 15 years old.
  • Made for easy learning the larger diameter makes for easy catching while being small enough for young children to master.
  • The unique washer patern allows you to judge the speed of this bearing diabolo with ease in order to enact your next trick.
  • The diabolo can be enhanced with our remote controlled USB Diabolo Diodes or simpler M6NUTS light up system both available as extras on this website.

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Prix de cette configuration: 22,00 €

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The Cloud buster diabolo comes with protective hard plastic black rings. These are to be discarded before use. Keep the rings in the white packing box and when the diabolo is not in use store the diabolo with the rings inserted into each cup. This will ensure the long term care of your diabolo. If using in conjunction with our Diabolo Diodes these can be fitted by unscrewing each nut and rescrewing after placement of the diodes unit on each side of the axle. If using with the simple M6 nut light up units then discard the original nuts and replace with the LED M6NUTS. But again keep the original nuts in the storage box so you can use them later. All of our control sticks are supplied with pro Slide diabolo string. The string is specially made for diabolo use and is the prefered string of many of the worlds top diabolo players. Some of our packs come complete with a 10m roll of Slide string. Otherwise it is also available to buy separately in 10,20,25,100 and 500m rolls. This diabolo has a clutch central bearing with two roller bearings on each side to stabilize the diabolo at high speeds. The Cloudbuster3 diabolo has a white and black hub on each side of the axle so you can easily determine which direction you should spin the diabolo. The Cloudbuster III diabolo has a unique washer design in each cup allowing the player to easier determine the speed of the diabolo allowing you to know if you have enough speed for the next trick you are to perform. All in all this is probably the most advanced diabolo on the market today in this price range. It is of course backed up by a 100% guarantee against defaults as you would expect from PassePasse with over 25 years experience in diabolos and the manufacture and distribution of professional circus equipment.

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Informations complémentaires

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